& Counseling

Psychotherapy and counseling can be used in the treatment of many issues, including burnout treatment, treatment for mild depression, anxiety, panic attacks and trauma. Psychotherapy and Counseling are in- depth relational experiences that allow us to make powerful shifts as issues are brought to the surface and processed. Your personalized process will help you uncover, explore and begin to understand the issues at the core of your predicament and understand clearly how you reached a stage of personal crisis. Through our Therapy Retreats Bali programs we will also assist you in releasing many of the obstacles that have kept you stuck – using a variety of both traditional and newer approaches. Most of our clients feel a sense of relief and understanding after 2 weeks. They are then able to  progress to more in-depth work on releasing blocks. Clearly the longer you can commit to yourself and the program, the more we can help you towards the peace you are seeking. You will be able to continue to use the tools you learned when moving forward with your life and thus continue your healing process once you have completed the PRAJNA Therapy Retreats Bali program.

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During our PRAJNA BALI bespoke healing retreats in Ubud, Bali, you will acquire sustainable tools to improve your life
amongst 21st century challenges.