PRAJNA Therapy Retreats Bali offers bespoke programs for spiritual growth, mental clarity, physical health & emotional crisis management.

We help our clients to heal themselves by providing tools for self-investigation, initiating guided effort, and visualizing goals. In a holistic collaboration of eastern wisdom traditions and western sciences we combine potent methods tailored to each client’s needs. All our tools and practices merge to create mental focus, spiritual evolution, physical health and emotional hygiene.

Self-investigation leads to self-love.

self-love leads to self-care.

self-care is health-care.


The Balinese foundation for life is “tri hita karana”, literally “the three causes of contentment”, a philosophy of how to live deeply connected to and in harmony with nature, with the community, and with the divine – thus in harmony with oneself.

Initiate your holistic lifestyle reset ON
the island of the Gods today

During our PRAJNA BALI bespoke healing retreats in Ubud, Bali, you will acquire sustainable tools to improve your life
amongst 21st century challenges.