PRAJNA Holistic Retreat Bali incorporates Yoga philosophy as a core instrument for sustainably healing spiritual crisis symptoms. Yoga is a path of conscious living and a spiritual practice that guides

The eight limbs of yoga are :

∴ Yamas

∴ Niyamas

∴ Asana

∴ Pranayama                               

∴ Pratyahara                              

∴ Dharana

∴ Dhyana

∴ Samadhi

ethical standards by which we conduct ourselves in life.

self-discipline, or spiritual observances.

The physical practice of the postures (yoga poses) on the mat.

The practice of breath control.  There are many types, but this is the understanding that your breath is your life force.

Withdrawal of the senses, or the ability to step out of the body and mind and simply observe, free from judgment.

Concentration on a single object.

Meditation, quieting the mind, letting go.

Ultimate enlightenment or connection with the universe and God.

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