During your aquatic bodywork session, you float effortlessly on your back in the warm water.  You will be glided through the water with graceful and sometimes dynamic movements which might give the sensation of floating in a stream, in space, or floating peacefully in mother’s womb. Therapeutic movement combined with passive stretches, nurturing holds, and weaving the body increase mobility and release tension.

Sessions may include brief supported submersions underwater. The underwater experience shall guide you further into a meditative state, insight, and feeling of liberation.

The relaxation of the nervous system and the increased circulation in the tissues can release the physical/mental/emotional/energetic/psychic blocks and holding patterns. Clearing these blocks can result in new sensation, new awareness, the release of emotion, memory, and energy. 

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During our PRAJNA BALI bespoke healing retreats in Ubud, Bali, you will acquire sustainable tools to improve your life
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