Being in my 50’s and having reached a turning point in my life ,I thought it important to take stock and re-evaluate my health and wellbeing. After a very busy , difficult and emotional year I decided to research the very best of health and wellbeing facilities and programs available across the world with the intention of dedicating at least 1 month to relax, refresh and rejuvenate . Having been in recovery in the past and having recently fallen off the wagon I thought it was also time to address my inner health and take stock of long term alcohol addiction issues that had begun to re-enter my life.

I began an exhaustive journey to find the right place and persons to address my personal issues. I could have selected any treatment/retreat, anywhere in the world as money was no object however results were paramount. I run an extremely busy and successful multidisciplinary development and design practice. Aside from the type of treatments I was seeking, my anonymity and flexibility of approach to my issues were paramount in selecting an appropriate retreat and solution. After much research and deliberation I decided to travel to Ubud Bali and work with Scott Bauer and his team to address my needs. It turned out to be the best decision and investment I have ever made.

I found I had an instant affinity with Scott and his approach to life and addiction counseling. Being of similar age to me it was comforting to know that Scott had not only walked my walk but had a wealth of knowledge and experience in addiction counseling and spiritual awakening. His knowledge across a broad range of treatments and his connection to Bali and the myriad of health and well being opportunities which abound there are endless and invaluable.

He greatly assisted in finding me the most appropriate accommodation for my stay and constantly evolved a program which thoroughly met my needs. Scott is a true gentleman in every sense of the word and his kind, sensitive and pragmatic approach ensured that my stay in Ubud , Bali under his guidance was not only mentally and spiritually enriching but was also full of adventure and surprise and provided me a delightful respite from the humdrum of my working life.

He re-acquainted and equipped me with various practices of Yoga, Pranayama breathing, meditation and spiritual awakenings which I have now incorporated into my daily life and which I know will fortify and enrich my life moving forward. Scott touched my life in a profound way and has restored my faith in humanity. I wish Scott the very best and the longest and healthiest of lives and would not hesitate to revisit or recommend him to anyone in need of the most appropriate addiction counseling and or an unforgettable life changing and healing experience in Ubud, Bali. An enormous thank you to Scott and his extended team of practitioners and healers.

My husband and I are so, so grateful to have found the services of Scott and Linda!!! After over 15 years of battling with anorexia and bulumia I had hit bottom and was basically doing what I could to just hold onto my life. I had lost ALL trust in myself & wondered if my life was ever going to be different. After spending years going to psychologists, healers and trying many other natural therapies I was skeptical of the simplicity of Scott and Linda’s approach but that simplicity is what also made me listen. I had always identified with and felt compassion for people suffering with addiction but never had anyone tell me that, that is exactly what I am too, an addict!!! What an Aha moment when I was able to realise that no matter if I was restricting my food or bingeing and purging it was all one and the same….an addiction!

Thank you for this gift Scott and Linda! Thank you for reigniting my love of yoga , meditation and life and helping to bring me back to the world of the living not just existing! I can’t believe the transformation in just 3 weeks and I know that I have finally found a way of living that I can stick with for life. THANK YOU!

I’m deeply grateful for the experience I had with Prana Bali. My whole life has completely transformed. I was living a life in which I felt miserable, depressed, disconnected and uninspired, I was numbing myself so I didn’t have to feel. Anything. I later came to realise that when you numb yourself from feeling pain you also numb yourself from feeling love and connection.

I realised though the programme how important it was to connect. Not only to myself but with others, with nature, with life itself. Yoga and meditation became my foundation because it gave me the space to be with myself again in a more harmonious way. I was guided by an incredible team of people who have all come from similar backgrounds, having transformed their own lives, they walked me though it and I felt so supported and loved every step of the way. Words cannot come close to the gratitude I feel today. A consequence of coming though this programme with the team at Pranabali.

Thank you! I feel alive.

12 months ago I arrived in Bali on the eve of Nyepi…a drunk. The streets were full of processions of amazing and mind blowing statues that had taken the Balinese many months to build. However, I was so consumed by my drinking that I could not see any beauty that surrounded me. All I could focus on was ensuring we could get to a bottle shop to ensure I had my supply of alcohol for the next 24 hours due to the Island shutting down during this time.

My life was no longer my life, I was being driven by alcohol in all I did and as a result I lost everything that was important to me. I realised that I could no longer continue this way but I was unsure what to do and was very very scared. In my drunken state I had been watching the emergence of an amazing organisation called USADA and something about this organisation touched me deeply. I sort to find out who was behind it. I had a gut instinct that this person was a safe person to talk to. I had never met this person nor would I have known him should he have walked past me in the street.

Once I had a name and a contact I reached out for the first time in my life and said “I NEED HELP”. I had no expectations of a reply as I was a total stranger. I received a reply, “I am here, I will help you.” I will never forget the shock and the tears of receiving that message! At the time I had no idea of Prana Bali nor Scott’s connection. One year later I am sober and in awe of the spiritualism and culture I am surrounded by. Since Scott and the Prana Team and USADA have entered my life he has shown me nothing but support and a path to recovery. He has guided me through making connections and more importantly has taught me I may not be responsible for my addiction, but I AM responsible for my recovery. I will always be forever grateful to Prana Bali and to Scott in all he has done for me and my life.. WE DO RECOVER

My trip to Bali was nothing like I expected and so much more than I could have hoped for. Scott was exactly the person I needed to begin my healing. Understanding, empathy, support and so much more. The meditation and yoga practices I learnt have become an integral part of keeping me grounded, calm and open.

The meetings we attended, and the people I met, were all very welcoming and supportive and I began to realise how bad things could have become if I had not taken this leap of faith. It was a leap, for me, as I hadn’t travelled overseas before, let alone by myself. My mind is clearer (less constant mind chatter). I have a renewed sense of self, a lot more self confidence and accept that it’s ok to ask for help. I’m incredibly greatful. Thanks heaps x

I am very grateful to have found Scott! I live in Canada and my son, who lives in Bali, was really struggling with his addictions. I was panicking about how to help and connected with Scott online. He responded promptly and was amazing at setting up a plan of action to accommodate my son and our budget. He helped my son regain his life through meetings, self-awareness, yoga, meditation and diet. He was also great at keeping in touch with me about how things were going. I am very grateful to have found him. Having been on a journey of recovery myself, I like Scott’s approach, manner and methods. I would definitely recommend.

My rock bottom was in Bali in the middle of 2016. Unlike some, my lowest point came when I was 4 months sober. I had no idea that alcohol was a symptom of underlying conditions, and the not the cause of my problems. In July 2016 in Bali, I found myself without a home, no passport, no money and one moment away from a drink. It is at this point that Scott and other members of the Prana Bali team appeared, like Angels in the night.

I was saved during a period of a couple of weeks when it was survival only, a bed to sleep on, some food in my belly. Not the stuff that good recovery is built upon, but the kind of love that an addict me sorely needed at a time of desperation. It was during this time that I was first introduced to the philosophy that is at the heart of PranaBali. A divine combination of old and new. Prana Bali gave me the approach towards recovery that was grounded in wisdom, not a quick fix approach that I had tried before and of course, had relapsed. Scott and Prana Bali promoted spiritual principles such patience, compassion, honesty, altruism, openness, willingness and honesty. Prana, means ‘life force’ and at the moment when I found PranaBali, I had very little left. I was running on empty.

The way that they approach recovery is across all aspects of our being. They take an approach that nurtures the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual sides of recovery. Scott and his team showed me that yoga, breathwork, a good diet, being in the company of other addicts, rigorous honesty and self reflection were not just for addicts at rock bottom, but could be of benefit for everyone. I become utterly inspired by the approach to life, and have since delved deeply into all apsects of recovery in alignment with the philosophy I was first shown in July 2016.

Today, I am over three years sober – I am great friends with the team, and I am now in a position to help others, as I was helped. I recommend Scott and Prana Bali because for me, it is the most comprehensive approach to becoming health and whole that I have seen. It will be of wonderful value to those that wish to turn their lives around, get clean and sober, deal with anxiety and depression or just recuperate and reconnect with themselves. Much love to Scott and the team.