At PRAJNA Holistic Retreat Bali, we use Pranayama breathing techniques as a tool to induce positive outcomes in our therapeutic retreats for depression, anxiety, stress, emotional crisis management, and burnout treatment.

Breathing is something we all do, ninety nine percent of the time unconsciously. Poor breathing patterns can cause tension and emotional unease, likewise our thoughts and emotions affect our breathing. Many of us do not even know how to release and relax enough to simply breathe naturally.

Pranayama is the practice of breathing exercises that calm the mind, benefit the body and assist in experiencing a meditative state. It helps clear physical and emotional blockages in order for prana, or ‘life energy’, to circulate freely.

Pranayama techniques have different effects. Mostly the idea is for the breath to be smooth and even. Some pranayamas are energizing and detoxing. Others are balancing or relaxing.

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