At PRAJNA Therapy Retreats Bali we have years of experience helping clients with spiritual crisis symptoms.

We will guide you through a transition from a life ruled by stress, depression, anxiety, grief, harmful and compulsive patterns, desperation and depression, to a lighter space of being, free from self-destructive tendencies and crippling emotions, that limit one’s freedom, inhibit the realization of one’s potential and the harmonious unfolding of a happy life.

We are not theoreticians. Our guidance is practical and our methods pragmatic and down to earth. The programs we offer are based on the personal experience of people who have successfully walked the path we are inviting you to travel with us on.


Ayurvedic Clinic

As Head Physician and Co-Founder of Amrtasiddhi, Dr. Sujatha Kekada is a certified Ayurvedic doctor who completed her degree in Karnataka, India.  A dedicated practitioner, she has practiced at one of the most respected clinics in South India, located in the town of Kerala.  She has worked as an Ayurvedic consultant in Europe and at one of Asia’s top health retreats.

Her extensive knowledge of Ayurveda coupled with her warm and intuitive nature has allowed her to facilitate deep healing for many of her patients.

Jonwin Lee

Jonwin Lee is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture as well as a practitioner and teacher of Medical Qigong and Chinese Metaphysics, including Astrology, Feng Shui and IChing. He uses these ancient Chinese arts and sciences for the purpose of helping others to achieve a balanced life.

Tjok Gde Kerthyasa

Tjok Gde, an native of Ubud, is one of the foremost homeopathic doctors in Indonesia.  His practice and laboratory is a sanctuary for anyone in Bali seeking to improve their health by natural means.

He holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Homeopathy) from the University of New England, and an Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney.

Eka AdiBuddha

As our spiritual advisor and energy worker, Eka’s role in our clients’ recovery journey is significant. He’s a Balinese Pemangku (high priest) who helps clients individually find their path to contentment by accompanying them on their journey, acting as both a practitioner and an advisor.

Ni Ketut

Balians don’t choose to be a healer themselves, they know their skills are a gift to help others and it is their destiny to have been chosen. Ketut is a genuine Balian Healer who learned her skills from her father and generations of healers before him. But it’s her gentle soul that delivers the skill she has. Ketut is gifted with an energy, kindness and intuitive ability to help in a simple touch. 

By removing blockages, lumps and other obstructions she travels over during a massage she rebalances the body, centers the chakras, and re-energizes the spirit.

Radha Wijaya

Radha integrates multiple Eastern modalities including Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, guided meditations, acupressure, Reiki, and Pranayama to facilitate clients’ healing process. She strives to guide them in reconnecting to their body, their inner spirit and their inherent source of contentment and harmony. Having overcome eating disorders and grief from losing close family to addiction and depression, Radha is devoted to helping people to heal themselves. By creating individually tailored practices and routines with each client she provides them with the tools to continue on their healing path after the program

Ayu Gusti

Ayu is a certified ThetaHealer who is guiding people towards realizing their dream lives by helping them to release and change limiting beliefs, patterns or behaviors that are holding them back. 

A genuine empath, Ayu has a very calming presence and the ability to naturally create a peaceful and safe space, where clients can allow themselves to dive deep into their subconscious. Her approach is a blend of deep intuition with extensive knowledge and a genuine care for her clients. 

Ayu has a profound way of guiding clients to the root cause of their problems, and supporting them in creating major shifts in their belief systems, which can afterwards bring tremendous change in their everyday life.

Cathirose Petrone ND MA

Cathirose Petrone is an internationally known psychotherapist and naturopath who bases her approach on the biopsychosocial model. This broad and inclusive method combines emotional, cognitive, behavioral, neurobiological, relational, physical, transpersonal, and experiential approaches.

Petrone’s approaches facilitate self-exploration, discovery, growth, and wellness within the process of recovery.  Her experience in addiction, relapse prevention, and co-occurring disorders provides the support and care that’s essential for lasting recovery

Dr. Putu Asih Primatanti

Raised in the Balinese Hindu tradition, Dr. Asih is a Bali native who began her journey into medicine at Bali’s Udayana University where she undertook general medical studies.  After graduating in 2000, she shifted her focus to substance abuse and addiction issues, and has since undergone extensive training abroad.  Dr. Asih studied drug addiction therapy in Adelaide, followed by a year in Salzburg where her focus was on harm reduction for drug addicts.

She returned to Udayana University completing her psychiatry credentials from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and her PhD in biomedical science. In addition to her broad range of practices and hands-on expertise, Asih has a decade of experience working with patients who deal with drug and addiction issues at a local correctional facility.

Rachel Grey

Rachel Grey’s mission is to make yoga accessible to people of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.  After 18 years of personal practice and 13 years of teaching, she developed a system called Ashtanga Therapy – a unique practice based on the Ashtanga Yoga system. Following her mother’s traumatic death resulting from a decade-long struggle with both addiction and bipolar disorder, Rachel’s own life trajectory shifted.  Addiction and recovery have since become central to her practices and she’s now dedicated to bringing health and yoga to individuals challenged with life’s difficulties. Rachel is able to move seamlessly between teaching at a very basic beginner level, to an advanced level.


As our bodyworker and masseuse, Nur’s hands are quite literally magic (suffice to say, both our staff and clients see Nur).  She’s trained in Somatic bodywork, Esalen massage, Reiki, and Rolfing.  A treatment with Nur is so much more than just a massage.  She’s an Ubud favorite and for good reason – we reckon her hands are pure magic.

Agung Vijaya

As an Esoteric healer who’s been practicing and studying in Ubud since 1995, Agung Vijaya’s interest in healing developed intuitively and also led him into the field of Reiki.  Since 2007, Agung has participated in numerous Reiki workshops, including Kundalini Reiki, Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, and Shambala Reiki. He’s now a Reiki Master.

Agung is also a practitioner of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and is licensed by the International Prana Shakti Brotherhood as well as by the GMCKS.  Agung’s treatment sessions are a deeply intuitive healing experience.

Savitri Devi

Savitri was born and raised in Bali, but lived in Toronto for over 25 years. As an interdisciplinary teacher with 30+ years of teaching experience, she specializes in a range of practices. She’s a Level 2 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, Associate Teacher Trainer member of KRI Aquarian Trainers Academy, and a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider.  

Savitri trained with Sat Dharam Kaur ND and Dr. Gabor Maté in their Beyond Addiction program – The Yogic Path to Recovery. She specializes in Cancer Prevention and Addiction Recovery and has taught weekly Recovery Support classes in Toronto.

Bali - The Pure Land

If India is the tree of spirituality, then Bali is the divine fruit. The gurus of India call it “The Pure Land”. Bali is a Hindu island, of unsurpassed beauty and spiritual connection, in the Indonesian archipelago. The Balinese Hindu religion is among the world’s most complex and transformational, and the beauty of Balinese Bhakti yoga ceremonies is beyond words.

Ubud is considered to be the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali, and many come here to learn, grow and be transformed.

PRAJNA BALI offers a tranquil escape from the rest of the world, to allow time and space for healing, treatment and wellness.

Initiate your holistic lifestyle reset ON
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During our PRAJNA BALI bespoke healing retreats in Ubud, Bali, you will acquire sustainable tools to improve your life
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