Depression is one of the most common health problems in all age groups. But, individuals with short-term, mild depression often do not recognize the disorder or know how to alleviate it. In depression, mood and interest drop dramatically from normal levels. The most common elements of mild depression are self-absorption, dwelling on sadness, emptiness, and concentrating on how awful life feels. Depressed people usually have physical symptoms like poor concentration, decreased sex-drive, changes in weight, appetite, and sleep patterns. Sluggish metabolism and shallow breathing often accompany depression. A negative view develops that may include hopelessness about the future, discouragement, and feelings of worthlessness. Depression is a despondent feeling, often carrying a badge of shame and guilt that exacerbates low morale and poor self-esteem. Common root causes involve difficulties with relationships with family, friends or coworkers, drug or alcohol abuse, feeling stuck in a situation and illness. Often, the causes of depression are myriad, and are exacerbated by events that happened years ago. Each treatment for mild depression has its own path, and treatment is carried out based on the root of the mild depression. PRAJNA BALI offers therapeutic retreats for depression in serene rural Bali.

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